Web3D3月27日发布了X3D语言结合标准 ISO/IEC 19777的最终审议草稿(FCD)。现在ISO/IEC 19777 提供了ECMAScript和Java这两种结合语言。DOM结合语言也正在开发并将加入这个文档。

http://www.web3d.org/fs_specifications.htm 上可以获得在线的和打包的FCD文本。

已经提交的X3D最终审议草稿包括:ISO/IEC 19775 FCD、ISO/IEC 19776 和 ISO/IEC 19777 的FCD


  • X3D标准 ISO/IEC 19775, 定义了X3D的结构和API

  • X3D编码标准 ISO/IEC 19776, 定义了X3D文件的编码格式:包括传统的VRML编码XML编码,二进制编码格式

  • X3D语言结合标准 ISO/IEC 19777, 说明了ISO/IEC FCD 19775 Part 2中的ECMAScript和Java语言的应用程序界面(API)的定义,以及其它的API。详细如何把X3D和其它应用程序结合。



资料来源 http://www.web3d.org/news/x3dBindingsPreviewDraft.htm

Hi --
The CD Preview Draft of "ISO/IEC 19777--X3D language bindings"
has been posted to the Web3D Consortium Web Site:

Web3D Specifications

Two language bindings have been provided:  ECMAScript and Java.
A placeholder for a DOM language binding has been provided but this
binding has not yet been developed. The language bindings define
a mapping between "ISO/IEC 19775-2--X3D--Scene access interface"
and each of the programming languages in question. These mappings
support both scripting and external access.

Everyone is encouraged to review these bindings (as well as the SAI)
and submit comments through the Web3D Consortium feedback process at:


Thanks! I look forward to your careful review.

  -- Dick Puk
     Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 19777

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