DX9 Shader water demo in BS Contact VRML/X3D you need download plugins from bitmanagement.de

After study code from below link so many time, my water shader code is done :-)
To view my scene, you must use BS Contact VRML/X3D 6.2 (click here to download) and DX9 viedo card (ATI 9550 or NVidia FX 5200 or later) and choose DX9 Driver in BS Contact VRML/X3D 6.2
Because most codes and textures is copy from other resource. I just debug it for VRML Shader. So this Shader code can copy from http://17de.com/vrml/test/waterRtt.rar for FREE use.
:-) Hope you add a link to my http://17de.com/x3d/index.en.html if you want use code.

introduction text will come out later.

below textures are copy for other website/game, don't use it in your commercial projects.
fresnel_water_linear.bmp from http://graphics.cs.lth.se/theses/projects/projgrid/
water_normal.bmp , a.gif, sky_day03_04_DXT1.DDS from game "Half Life 2"
Snow.dds from ATI RenderMonkey 1.6
 :-) donation and credit for me is welcome of course, just like other freeware.


by email or MSN Messenger.
to http://17de.com/x3d/index.en.html if you want see more scene from m17