VRML X3D DeviceSensor Extension

VRML and X3D can support many extension.


P2P scene sharing for fast download in multi-user environment;

DirectInput force feed back for joystick/steering wheel;

XInput joystick viberation;                                   

MS Speech recognize;              

Kinect Color and Depth camera;   
Kinect to H-anim motion capture;   
Kinect multi hand recognize;   
... ...

Test Logitech Wheel with BS Contact ForceFeedBack DeviceSensor plugin.

This video show Kinect / OpenNI support in BS Contact VRML / X3D.
one custom BS application as server for capture H-anim motion capture and other BS Contact as client.

current features:  
1: Joint as H-anim standard  
2: floor plane position and rotation  
3: all transform convert into world coord system (not in Kinect view coord system)  
4: center of user (even availabe when skelecton not recognized)  
5: position of two hands (even availabe when skelecton not recognized)  
6: click/wave gesture (even availabe when skelecton not recognized)  


Test OpenNI Multi-Hand In BS Contact

Point Cloud Captured From OpenNI

Mesh From Point Cloud using PCL