Regardless of how much you invested in your home theater system, there are often lingering doubts about its performance. Is the picture washed out or is it supposed to look like that? Is that actor really as pale as he looks? An entire scene has a green tinge - is that on purpose or is there something wrong?

There are ways to address this problem. An array of commercially available products provides standard performance tests and guidelines for adjusting a full range of video performance parameters. Purchasers of a THX Certified home theater system from a Certified Home THX dealer can rely on the installer to properly align the system. As for software problems, titles certified by the THX Digital Mastering Program carry our commitment to provide a product that adheres to the strictest technical standards in the industry.

But none of these measures can compensate for the variations encountered when switching from one video source to another. Picture quality and characteristics will change when switching among broadcast television, cable, satellite, DVD and VHS. We can all make minor changes in contrast, brightness, etc. to compensate, but there's no guarantee that this "seat-of-the-pants" approach delivers the image the way that it was intended to be seen.

What's more, settings that work for one DVD release might not be optimal for another. A filmmaker might, for example, shoot particular scenes or even an entire movie with a certain color cast to create a desired look or evoke a mood. In that case, it's very likely a viewer might try to adjust the picture in an attempt to "correct" it. Even tests based on a universal reference standard can't guarantee that the settings derived are best for each individual movie. For that, you need reference levels specific to each movie, and that's exactly what THX Optimizer provides. As part of the Digital Mastering Program certification process, THX engineers place the THX Optimizer test signals on the same digital videotape master as the movie. Both the movie and the test signals then follow the same path during the DVD production process. As a consequence, adjustments made using these signals relate directly back to the reference levels set during the mastering of that specific title.

In order to set-up your monitor correctly, it is very important to set-up all of these video test patterns in the same lighting that will be used to watch the feature.

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不管你投资了多少钱在在你的家庭影院系统里,你还是对整套系统的系统有疑问。画质是否暗淡,还是他看来就应该是那样的?演员是否真的象看起来那样苍白?整个场景有一种绿色的色调 - 是有意安排的还有系统有什么毛病?

有一种办法判断这个问题。一组产品提供了全面的测试标准和指导。家用THX认证的系统不仅是购买了一套THX认证的家庭影院系统,还需要整套系统的适当安装和调整。至于软件,THX数码制片程序(THX Digital Mastering Program)许诺每一张影碟都按照严格的工业标准出品,提供一致的特性。

但视频从一个设备转倒另一个设备时,没有尺度可以用来作为补偿的参考。在电视广播,有线电视,卫星电视,DVD和 VHS之间,图象质量和特性有很大的差异。我们努力把如对比度、亮度之类的差异减到最低。补偿并使最后视觉呈现原来的目的。

实际上是,一部DVD的设置可能会完全不适合另一部。为了创造效果,电影制片可能用一种特别的色调拍摄一个场景或整个影片。这种情况下,很有可能你会试着把色彩调回"正确"的效果。甚至通用的测试标准也不能保证对每一部电影都有最好的效果。所以,需要有适合所有影片的标准,这就是THX Optimode提供的。作为THX数码制片程序(THX Digital Mastering Program)认证的一部分,THX的工程师在影碟中放置测试信号。这些复制自数码视频的优化测试信号和电影是一致的,DVD的出品都遵循测试信号和影片处理的方式。所以你可以用这些信号把系统调节到制片时的原始标准。


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