Color & Tint Set-Up


Color and Tint (also known as "hue") settings work together to create the correct color imaging for the picture. For this adjustment, THX Optimizer uses a specially designed test pattern that mimics the portion of the SMPTE color bars used for tint and color adjustments. Contained throughout the pattern for the U.S. version are the words, "COLOR" and "TINT" that utilize the same primary and secondary colors as the SMPTE color bars. For versions other than the U.S. version, the test pattern contains six horizontal bars with the alternating primary and secondary colors.

Note: This test requires the use of the THX blue filter glasses. If you do not have the glasses see the order information at the bottom of this page.

A picture tube is comprised of three electron guns, one each for displaying red, blue and green. In professional monitors - those used in studio and other professional facilities - the red and green guns can be shut off so that only the blue gun is displayed. Using only the blue gun, color and hue levels can be adjusted, by matching up the levels displayed on the SMPTE color bars or in this case the THX Optimizer Color & Tint set-up pattern.

For NTSC (North America, Asia, Latin America, and Japan):
With the glasses on, or using the proper blue filter gel, adjust your Color control until each letter in the word "COLOR" is the same shade of blue. Tint/Hue is set by doing the same thing with your Tint/Hue control for each letter in the word "TINT". Figure 6 shows an example of correct settings for Color and Tint when looking through the THX blue filter glasses while Figure 7 shows an example of incorrect settings for Color and Tint.

For PAL and SECAM (Europe):
With the glasses on, or using the proper blue filter gel, and with the proper display of Color and Tint/Hue values on your monitor, you should see a single shade of blue across all the bars located on the PAL Color & Tint Performance pattern. Figure 8 shows an example of the proper display of Color and Tint while Figure 9 shows an example of an incorrect display.

Although most PAL/SECAM television/monitors do not include color and tint/hue controls, this test will help determine whether your system is displaying the proper color and tint/hue values.

Note: THX would like to send you the proper filter to use for adjusting color and hue. Print out the order form, fill it out and send it along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and we will be glad to send one to you. Send the form to:

Lucasfilm Ltd., THX Division
Attention: THX Orders "Blue Filter Glasses"
P.O. Box 10327
San Rafael CA 94912

If you do not have THX blue filter glasses, the Color Bar of the Monitor Performance pattern (in the next test section) can be used to adjust your television monitor's Color and Tint. The next section details how this can be done.

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色度和色调设置是用来调整画面颜色的。在这个调整中,THX Optimizer 使用模仿SMPTE色条的特别设计的色彩测试图。NTSC制使用包含SMPTE主要色和次要色的"COLOR" 和"TINT"字样。PAL制使用包含SMPTE主要色和次要色的色条。


每个显象管都有红绿蓝三个电子枪,一些专业显示设备可以关掉红色和绿色而只显示蓝色。那么只显示蓝色,并使用SMPTE色条或THX Optimizer的测试图案,就可以进行色度和色调的调整。





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