At the heart of the THX mission is the faithful reproduction of a movie soundtrack, whether in the theater or at home. A critical element in achieving that mission is a properly set-up and aligned sound system. Speaker placement and speaker levels play an important role in a home theater system's audio performance, and the best way to be sure that both are correct is to consult a qualified professional. If your system was installed by a certified THX dealer, we recommend that you contact them if you suspect problems with your system. What THX Optimizer offers is the ability to fine-tune your system's audio performance for specific DVD releases that offer the THX Optimizer feature.

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THX的核心就是,不论是家庭影院还是电影院中,忠实再现电影的音轨。实现这个目标的重要保证就是适当的设置和调整。音箱的位置和响度在整个家庭影院系统里是很重要的,最好的所有器材都是经过专业认证过的。如果你的系统是由经过认证的THX经销商安装的,如果你怀疑系统有问题,我们建议你直接联系你的经销商。THX Optimizer 是用来为具有THX Optimizer 特性的特定版本DVD校准系统的。

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