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For the past 40 years, loudspeaker manufacturers have been refining their speaker designs for excellent two channel sound reproduction. However, movie soundtracks and TV broadcasts are delivered in multi-channel sound. In the future, record companies will undoubtedly employ multi-channel sound for more accurate and realistic music reproduction as well.

Let's look at performance enhancements we needed to make in speaker systems to reproduce multi-channel movie sound more accurately. The first is dialogue intelligibility. This can be difficult to accomplish because dialogue in a film competes with music and sound effects. In addition, all of these sounds are coming at you from many different directions. Clearly, the best way to hear clean dialogue is to reproduce it with as little coloration as possible. This means you need to hear flat frequency response all across the listening area and have minimal speaker/room interaction.




Front Channel Loudspeakers

 Front channel imaging is also extremely important. For films, the sound has to match the picture perfectly. Conventional two channel speaker designs are constructed to present a good solid image over a 45 to 60 degree angle. Spread the speakers too far apart, and you get a hole in the center image. Place them too close together, and the sound stage collapses into a fuzzy mono sound. In a multi-channel sound system, sound images are formed between Left and Center and Right and Center Speakers. This means that speakers must be precise enough in their imaging characteristics to create a sound stage over half the separation distance normally expected for a two channel system.

Home THX LCR front channel speakers improve their dialogue intelligibility and imaging in two ways. The first way is to provide wide horizontal dispersion. This allows for people sitting off-axis to hear full and flat frequency response.

The second technique is to control the speakers' vertical dispersion. Acousticians have found that the ceiling a floor reflections are very destructive to a speaker's ability to image. In addition, the coloration from these vertical reflections cloud intelligibility.



Front Channel Loudspeakers




Surround Channel Loudspeakers

 The purpose of a surround channel is to surround you with sound. The problem is that this is tough to do with just two speakers. Decorrelation takes care of Left/Right spaciousness, but what about wrap around envelopment? If a director chooses to place you in a wind storm, conventional speakers leave you with the impression that you're hearing the windstorm through two open windows.

The Home THX Diffuse Surround Speaker is designed to provide you with a "movie without walls" experience. It does this by painting the walls and the ceiling with sound. It sends very little sound towards the listener. The sound reflecting off the rooms walls and ceiling provides you with an enveloping soundfield, immersing you in the movie experience.

The total energy radiated by a speaker in all directions is called its "Power Response". The Home THX Diffuse Surround Speaker is required to have a flat power response. This means that the total energy radiated by the speaker (in front, above, below, behind, and to the sides) must average together into a flat frequency response. With the total speaker energy being flat, a listener anywhere within the surround speaker's null area will hear flat frequency response.



Surround Channel Loudspeakers



THX扩散环绕音箱要有能力往空间里平均的扩散能量。 这意味着音箱往所有方向上辐射的声音都要平均并有平滑的频率响应。最终使环绕音箱的零区域里任何地方都可以有平滑的频率响应。

Subwoofer Loudspeakers

The final step in accurate multi-channel sound reproduction is for accurate deep bass response. Home THX Subwoofers can come in a variety of designs:

  • Single Cabinet Un-amplified
  • Single Cabinet Amplified
  • Dual Cabinet Un-amplified
  • Dual Cabinet Amplified

All subwoofers are designed to match THX LCR speakers through the Electronic Crossover in a Home THX Controller. THX Subwoofers must have an in-room flat frequency response down to 20 Hz and approved systems must be able to play to beyond 105 dB sound pressure level without distortion.




  • 单件无源音箱
  • 单件有源音箱
  • 双件无源音箱
  • 双件有源音箱


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