Examine mode bx3d


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hold 'CTRL'-key and drag mouse to zoom in and out

This Applet, placed besides the render applet on the HTML page, extends blaxxun3D's functionality towards an examine modus.

The user is able to rotate the displayed object simply with dragging the mouse into the desired direction. He can also zoom in and out by holding down the ctrl-key and dragging the mouse back and forth. The cursor keys can also be used to rotate/zoom the object

The examine mode assumes the object to rotate is called ROOT within the VRML file. If blaxxun3D can't find this node, it will treat the first found transform node as node to be examined.

Applet's parameters:

  • turnspeed - controls the rotation speed
  • zoomspeed - controls the zooming speed
  • minDistance - contains the minimum distance between viewer and object (makes shure the user won't collide with the object)
  • maxDistance - contains the maximum distance between viewer and object
  • twistmode - model rotates only around object's y axis
  • extends - specifies the instance of blaxxun3d which should be connected (here: "browser" since blaxxun3d is named "browser" in its applet tag)